Art Commission Styles/Mediums

Hi there! If you're reading this, you must be considering on requesting an art commission from me, how exciting!

Since art commissions are unique, customized, original artworks, a lot of time, effort, and detail go into each one. You will notice I only have a limited amount of slots open due to the nature of these art projects as well as my responsibilities as an optometry student. If you are still interested in an art commission, please read on and carefully think of how this will influence your vision.

Digital Artworks

For anyone who requests a digital artwork from me, I use the following tools: Procreate on the iPad! The generic sizing I use for any digital artworks are 300DPI files and canvas size 8.5 x 11 inches. (Please note that colors may vary on screens and in print).

The following styles are what I can achieve through digital artworks.

Anime Style:

As you can see, all of the above have a very detailed background. The base price for my digital portraits in anime style does NOT include a background, only a solid color. The middle illustration (of the woman in scrubs and a white coat), would be an example of a $10 background add-on. The other two illustrations would be a $15 background-add on, due to the level of detail in the furniture and lighting. For anime-style digital artworks, having an additional subject/individual would be a $5 add-on cost.

Cartoon Style:

I call this my "cartoon" style, but really it is a very simplified anime/cartoon-ish drawing style. These are good examples of a simple or solid-color background. The Sunflower illustration to the left wouldn't have an additional background-cost (due to simplicity), but since it is a full-body portrait, would have a $5 add-on cost.

Semi-Realism Art Style:

These semi-realistic, half-body portraits are excellent examples of the typical, base-priced digital portraits. The illustrations with the women in white (or blue) coats are from my favorite series, the Virtual White Coat Ceremony. These illustrations have a more realistic detail compared to my anime style, and additional subjects/individuals would be a $10 add-on cost.

Realism Art Style:

It is not a style I use often digitally but here are my two best examples. You can request for a more stylized coloring style (like the unfinished Portrait of Caroline on the right) at no additional cost. However, this illustration is also an example of a $5 background add-on.

Traditional Artworks

Traditional artworks could be simple pencil drawings, ink and marker illustrations, or as fancy as oil paintings. You can view my art portfolio for more examples of my paintings and get an idea of how I'll be able to achieve your vision. These tend to be more time-consuming and expensive due to the nature of the materials. Also keep in mind that they will not be as clean or perfect as my digital artworks! (Unfortunately Ctrl + Z does not exist in the real world ;u; ).

Anime Art Style:

My anime art style comes at 150% force when it comes to these ink and marker illustrations! I love using markers to color but they can end up looking a little streaky and there may be the occasional ink bleed (that's why we always wait for more than an hour for the ink to dry before using markers, my friends). Illustrations like the one to the right (The Earl, the Maiden, and the Butler) tend to look cleaner and more refined when there are no backgrounds and is a good example of the base-drawing. The leftmost illustration would incur a background add-on of $15 and the middle would only be $10.

Cartoon Art Style:

This art style is a lot more simplified compared to my traditional anime style. It's the style I use if I'm drawing an optometry comic traditionally.


I tend to use this art style for my paintings where I am "technically not allowed to use anime in art class." It varies between looking more stylized to looking a lot more realistic. The first (leftmost) painting is called the "Sun in Her Hands", a work-in-progress oil painting. The other two paintings are acrylic. All of these would have a $30 background add-on. Paintings like these can take from 10 to 50 hours, depending on complexity, artist and inquirer's satisfaction. I take pride in my paintings so please understand that these take significantly longer than other type of art commission.


These acrylic paintings are my best examples of my realism art style. You can also find some of my self-portraits in graphite or color pencil which tend to look more smooth and realistic compared to my paintings. I typically paint in the a more realistic, smooth style as seen in the middle image (Alia and Kimkay) and the rightmost (Smile and Shine). Like I said before, paintings (especially semi-realistic or realistic ones) take significantly longer than any other type of artwork I make.

I hope you found this post to be helpful in understanding the different art styles and mediums I'm able to achieve! You can also look through my art portfolio to view any other art works not included in this post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form. If you are excited to commission artwork from me, please fill out the Art Commission form as soon as possible!

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