Art Commission - FAQ

When will you open art commissions?

I am currently accepting art commissions request until all five slots are full. Please fill out the interest form if you would like to commission artwork from me. Current open slots are:

August 2021: Two slots

September 2021: One slot

October 2021: One slot

November 2021: One slot

(Updated on 7/12/2021)

What kind of art can I commission?

Digital portraits (like White Coat portraits, graduation portraits, couple portraits, etc)

Traditional portraits (acrylic or oil paintings, marker and pen illustrations, lineart)

Other - If there is something not listed above that you would like to commission, please either fill out a contact form, interest form, or email me at to discuss details.

I will not create art of the following content: nudity, gore, furries

What art styles can I request?


Semi-realism - mix of my realism and anime style


Cartoon - more cartoon version of my anime style

To see examples of each of my art styles, please visit this blog post.

How much will an art commission cost?

Digital portraits - Base price: $25 - a solo, half-body portrait with solid background. Image size fitted for 8.5 x 11" 300DPI file.

Art styles: Realism, Semi-realism, Anime

Traditional portraits - varies on size, complexity, and medium.

  • Anime/Cartoon portrait - Base price: $20 - solo half/full-body portrait, no background. Medium: Ink and marker. Size:  6 x 8" marker paper. Larger sizes: 9 x 12" ($25).

  • Realism/Semi-realism portrait - Base price: $30 - solo, half-body portrait. Background optional. Medium: Ink and marker. Size: 6 x 8" marker paper. Larger sizes: 9 x 12" - $25

  • Different mediums/sizes for Realism/Semi-Realism portraits only: Acrylic or oil painting (Base price - $80, 11 x 14" canvas. Larger size: 18 x 24" canvas - $150

  • You can opt for Bristol paper or canvas panels and the total project cost will be reduced by 10%.

  • Please note that the base price for traditional portraits/artworks does NOT include shipping. Also note that acrylic/oil paintings base price includes a solid color background.

Base Price for digital/traditional portraits include:

  • Initial sketch

  • Line art

  • Flat colors with line art

  • Two additional progress photos for rendering (when I start adding the details to the color)

  • A PNG file of your art commission sent to your email

Add-on costs for digital/traditional portraits:

  • Additional subject/individual - $5 - $25 per subject depending on medium. (Additional people or animals)

  • Background - $10 - $25, depending on complexity and medium

  • Full-body portrait (if not included in base price): $5 - $30, depending on medium and size. If you have an additional subject already, the full-body portrait applies to all subjects at no additional cost.

Please note that digital portraits are significantly less expensive due to materials. The more expensive add-on costs mostly refers to traditional portraits. I will fully disclose the price total and price-breakdown of your art commission before starting the project.

How long will my art commission take?

Estimated times of completion begins when I first send you the initial sketch (not any prior communication to discuss details/pricing/etc).

Digital portraits - about two weeks, depending on complexity

Traditional portraits -

  • Anime/cartoon portraits - about two weeks, depending on complexity

  • Realism/Semi-realism portrait - about two weeks for ink/marker drawings. Paintings will take from three weeks to two months, depending on complexity and size.

  • None of the estimated times include shipping times (which would take about three to seven business days)

Please note: I am an optometry student first, artist second. If I am busy studying for exams and there are any delays between commissions or a project is taking significantly longer than expected, I will be very transparent with you and let you know ahead of time.

What payments do you accept?

I will accept Venmo or Zelle payments as well as cash or check (this is only if I know you personally and live near you). If none of the listed payment methods work for you, I can set up a listing through my Etsy Shop ( customized to your art commission. Etsy accepts Paypal, debit and credit cards.

How do payments work?

For digital portraits - You will need to make an initial payment prior to the start of your project. A non-refundable commission deposit of $10 must be paid to me (this goes towards the overall cost of your art commission, it is not an additional cost). The final payment must be made once I finish your art commission, prior to sending the final product to you.

For traditional portraits - You will need to make an initial payment prior to the start of your project. A non-refundable commission deposit of 30% of your total project cost must be paid to me (it is not an additional cost). Due to the time-consuming process of traditional art, as well as acquiring any necessary materials, it is imperative that you submit this commission deposit to me before I can begin working on your project. A final payment (the remainder of your project total + shipping/handling costs) must be made before I can send you the final artwork.

What if I no longer want my art commission?

If you have not made your commission deposit: please let me know ASAP and I will open up the slot for another individual. This comes at no cost to you.

If you have made your commission deposit: the commission deposit is non-refundable as I have already started working on your piece. I can cancel the remaining project but cannot refund the deposit. You will not have to pay any additional cancellation fees. Please review the Terms & Agreements carefully for the cancellation policy.

How will I receive my art commission?

For digital portraits - You will receive an image file (typically PNG) to your email. once I receive your final payment. The actual print size will be 8.5 x 11" at 300DPI.

For traditional portraits - I will be shipping any flat pieces (marker illustrations, drawings, sketches, bristol paper, canvas panels) in a rigid flat mailer. Pieces will be put in an archival sleep, wrapped in tissue paper/butcher paper, with a cardboard backing for additional protection.

For any canvas paintings, the artwork will be shipped in a double-wall corrugated box. Canvases will be wrapped in archival-quality glassine paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, and foam board for extra protection.

Shipping insurance is optional for artworks being mailed through UPS or USPS. Shipping costs will be discussed closer to the completion of the art commission.


Terms & Conditions

For when you submit an art commission interest form and if you are receiving an art commission from Ariella Erin Poon ( Please read these website terms of use and art commission terms of use carefully before agreeing to use the website and submitting any interest forms. By accessing or using the website or filling out any of the interest forms, you and the entity you are authorized to represent ("You" or "Your") signify your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions.

You expressly understand and agree that:

When filling out an interest or contact form

You are providing private and personal information to the website ( and its content owner (Ariella Erin Poon) in order to communicate with you about any website, affiliate website, or other information and updates. Your private and personal information will not be added to any subscriber email lists or given to any third parties. Personal information will only be used to contact/communicate with you about any inquires made by you through the interest or contact forms.

When submitting an art commission request form

It does NOT guarantee that you will receive an art commission slot. Ariella Erin Poon ( has the right to decline any art commission requests (prior to any deposits made) if the inquirer does not follow the Art Commission Guidelines described by the FAQ.

Ariella Erin Poon can decline art commission requests if the commission status is closed, full, or if the inquirer shows indications of lack of cooperation. If the non-refundable commission deposit has been made and a project started, Ariella Erin Poon can cancel the project if there are any circumstances that prevents her from fulfilling the project (for example, but not limited to: illness, injury, death, extenuating circumstances such as the lost of property). Ariella Erin Poon does, however, guarantee transparent communication with any inquirers if there are problems that arise in the duration of an art project that will result in any delays or complications.

Project Terms and Agreements

The inquirer (commissioner or individual that requests an art commission) will work with the artist, Ariella Erin Poon, in the duration of their project. The inquirer understands that the estimated time of completion for their project are tentative and begins once the artist sends the initial sketch. This estimated time of completion does not include any prior communication nor does it include the shipping times, as indicated based on project type. Art commission project durations are estimated based on the complexity and type of artwork being made and may vary. The artist will provide daily updates on the status of the project with the inquirer and will inform the inquirer if there are any delays to the start or completion of their project.

The inquirer agrees that the artist is not bound to work on their art commission request until all of the following have been fulfilled:

1) The artist and the inquirer have been in communication pertaining to the details of the commission request, including type of art, timelines, costs, sketches, etc.

2) The inquirer has submitted an art commission interest form on the website and has been selected based on the current available slots at that time.

3) The inquirer has been approved by the artist to submit a non-refundable commission deposit ($10 for digital artworks and 30% of total for traditional artworks). The artist is not obligated to start a project until this deposit has been made through the following payment methods: Venmo, Zelle, Cash, Check, or through a custom Etsy listing if the inquirer would like to use debit or credit cards.

4) The inquirer has provided all necessary details pertaining to their project, including but not limited to: description, medium and sizes, art styles, reference photos, etc. The inquirer agrees to provide the necessary details and materials to the artist as needed to begin sketching and working on the art commission. (Please note: the base price of each art commission covers the artist's time and labor, materials needed to create the art, and packaging materials. Shipping and handling fees are an additional cost added to the final cost, as well as shipping insurance, if relevant to the project).

The artist agrees that the inquirer has the following rights pertaining to their art commission:

1) Full transparency and constant communication between artist and inquirer with regards to project details, status updates, costs, and timeline. The artist is obligated to let the inquirer of any delays at least 72 hours prior to the estimated completion date.

2) The inquirer will receive updates including sketches, line art, flat color studies/copies, and two additional progress photos of the rendering process. At each status update, the inquirer has the right to request any tweaks, edits, revisions, color changes, etc., to the provided materials. However, they cannot request an art style change, size change, or medium change, once the artist has reached the lineart stage of the project. The inquirer cannot request any lineart changes once the project is at the rendering stage.

3) The inquirer will receive a high-quality art commission. If it is a digital file, they will receive a PNG file at 300DPI, print size 8.5 x 11 inches (unless otherwise requested/indicated), through their email. If it is a traditional piece, the artwork will be packaged with utmost care and shipped through the UPS or USPS. (Shipping costs and shipping insurance not included at the base price).

4) The inquirer is given permission to share their art commission to any social media platforms they desire. They may request art prints (at an additional cost to the inquirer) to share with friends and family. They do not, however, have the right to reproduce any artwork for profit or resale (including but not limited to, apparel, pins, art prints sold on their website) without the permission of the artist. Credits must be made to the artist if the artwork is shared. The inquirer also gives permission to the artist to add any artwork commissioned to the artist's website, art portfolio, and social media platforms. However, the artist cannot reproduce the commissioned artwork for profit or resale without the permission of the inquirer.

5) The inquirer has the right to cancel their art commission at no additional cancellation costs/fees. Should this occur, the inquirer terminates any agreements of this art commission and the artist, should they choose to, have the right to continue to work on the art project and use it as seen fit (whether added to their social media platforms, created into art prints, sold as an original piece, etc) as the inquirer has terminated any rights to the project. The inquirer will not receive a refund of their non-refundable commission deposit.

Payments & Fees

The inquirer has agreed, once approved and selected for a commission slot, to make a non-refundable commission deposit to the artist ($10 for digital artworks and 30% of the total cost for traditional artworks), prior to the start of any stage of the art making process. The commission deposit goes towards the total cost of the project. The inquirer also agreed to provide the final, remaining cost of the art commission by the completion to the project. They will not receive their commissioned artworks until this final payment has been made.

Payment methods include Venmo, Zelle, cash or check. If the inquirer wishes to use credit or debit cards, they may request the artist to setup an Etsy Listing for their art commission for both the deposit and the final payment. If payments or deposits are not made in a timely matter (within five days since the artist has communicated the payment request), the inquirer forfeits any rights to the art commission. The artist may cancel the art commission and open the slot to another inquirer, or they may not send the final product to the inquirer.

Cancellation Policy

The inquirer has the right to cancel their art commission at no additional cancellation costs/fees. Should this occur, the inquirer terminates any agreements of this art commission and the artist, should they choose to, have the right to continue to work on the art project and use it as seen fit (whether added to their social media platforms, created into art prints, sold as an original piece, etc) as the inquirer has terminated any rights to the project. The inquirer will not receive a refund of their non-refundable commission deposit if it has been made.

Loss, Theft, and Damage

Inquirer agrees to assume full responsibility and be strictly liable for loss, theft, or damage to the artworks from the time of (a) shipment by the artist, (b) receipt of the inquirer. Once the artwork has been shipped, the artist is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage. It is the inquirer's responsibility to pay any shipping insurance to cover any potential damage or loss of the artwork. The artist's only responsibility is to ensure that the artwork is safely and sufficiently packaged prior to shipping.
Reimbursement for the loss, theft, or damage to an artwork shall be the amount dictated by the total value of the artwork dictated by the artist.